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April 2024 Updates

April Updates

To all our mamas and friends!

Happy Friday!

Thank you all for the feedback you've provided about our videos and podcasts. Our awesome health and medical contributors are always happy to hear what works for you and listen to your suggestions on other topics. Recently, we've received questions about exercise during pregnancy and postpartum. So, we connected with Mckenna Pou, a certified personal trainer specializing in prenatal and postnatal exercise techniques. She's provided Previa moms with exercises for each trimester and the postpartum period. She's also uploaded a Fitness Guide. You can find her videos under the Physical Therapy category. The Fitness Guide is under the PDFs section at the bottom of your Dashboard. Be on the lookout for a text later today asking you to select which of Mckenna's exercise videos you'd like to watch. Then, give them a try and let us know what you think.


Last month, we introduced our monthly self-care challenge. In March, we encouraged you to 'walk off anxiety.' Here's this month's challenge.

Put It In Writing
Women are multi-taskers, but not always by choice. At any moment, dozens of tasks, schedules, worries, and thoughts (good and bad) are floating to the top of our consciousness for consideration. Often, all the thinking we do tends to weigh us down. We can lose sleep, become depressed, or stressed out. Mental health experts say journaling is one way to capture thoughts and get them out of your head. There are many ways to journal. You can use a notebook and pen. Open a blank document on your computer and type as fast as the thoughts enter your head. Or, you can do a voice journal by recording your thoughts using your Voice Memo app on your phone.

Your April Challenge

  • Set a goal of journaling 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes (20 for journaling and 10 for reflection)
  • Find a quiet and peaceful location away from distractions
  • If writing, don't worry about spelling or punctuation; focus on capturing your feelings

Here are some prompts to help you out:

  • How are the changes in your life making you feel?
  • What are you most anxious or uncertain about, and how are you coping?
  • What 3 things are you most grateful for today?
  • Name something you fear and why.
  • How would a difficult situation be handled if you felt your best self?

As always, we love to hear from you! Click the button to let us know your thoughts about our videos or topics you'd like us to cover.

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