Who is Previa Alliance?

Who is Previa Alliance?

Who is Previa Alliance? We are so glad you asked. We are a company founded on personal experience with postpartum depression (PPD). Our founder, Sarah, experienced PPD/PPA after the birth of her first son. No one had told her what postpartum depression/anxiety was let alone screened her for it. When PPD hit she didn’t know how to get help or if there was help for how she was feeling.

Fast forward to today. Sarah created Previa Alliance as a way to shine a spotlight on the mental health of pregnant and postpartum women, so they can be empowered with information and have access to counseling and support.

Click here to read Sarah’s story and watch a short video about Previa Alliance.

Think of Previa as your “mental health guide during pregnancy and postpartum” toolkit. We will walk with you from the start of your pregnancy to one year after birth. We will be screening your mental health often to keep an eye on how you are feeling. We know that pregnancy and postpartum is a physical and emotional rollercoaster ride and we are your partner for this adventure.

Along with the regular screenings, we strongly encourage you to watch the videos in our robust digital library. The videos are organized by trimester and category. We created these to give you the knowledge and power to know what maternal mental health is and how to care for yourself. Knowledge is power and we are here to empower you to manage your mental health.

Finally, let’s get to the bottom of it. Why? Why you should screen, watch videos, and ask for support…it’s because your mental health matters. You matter. Partnering with Previa we will ensure that you are educated, screened, and supported. All you have to do is let us walk alongside you.

Here for you,

The Previa Alliance Team