How Do I Get the Most Out of Previa Alliance?

How Do I Get the Most Out of Previa Alliance?

Now that you know who we are and why we are here, let’s break down how best to use Previa’s tools and information.

  1. Always complete your screenings. We will text/email reminders to you.
  2. Watch the videos on your dashboard and listen to the [previa_hash_url label=”podcasts”][/previa_hash_url], because this is where we tell you ALL the things people don’t normally talk about!
  3. Ask for support early. We make it simple to connect with a therapist because we know asking is hard sometimes!

If there is a change in your pregnancy or postpartum period, please let us know by updating your profile or reporting a birth or loss. We know unexpected things happen and we want to best support you where you are at.

Moms matter! Pregnancy and postpartum are as much a mental challenge as a physical one, and if the moms aren’t taken care of, no one else can be either!

We are in this together walking with you each step of the way.

The Previa Alliance Team