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Our Screening Service

Getting the help you need is fast, easy, and fits in the palm of your hand.

Step 1: Sign Up

First, setup a profile and answer a few questions. Our site is HIPAA-compliant and ensures the safekeeping of your personal health data.

When you first set up an account, you are asked to complete a brief personal history that helps us learn about your risk factors for postpartum depression. Our website is configured and optimized with layers of firewall security to maintain your privacy.

Step 2: Answer 10 Questions About How You've Felt the Last 7 Days.

There are no right or wrong answers, and there is no judgement!

Your responses help us identify if you are struggling with depressive and anxiety symptoms. You can see how your emotions change throughout your perinatal and postpartum periods.

Step 3: Review Your Score

Your score is instantly calculated and revealed. If your score indicates that you are struggling, we will help connect you with a licensed mental health provider.

Motherhood is hard, and even good days can be exhausting! Your score can change throughout your perinatal and postpartum experiences. Our tool can help identify if you are struggling and initiate additional assistance. You are not alone in this process!

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Step 4: Educate & Empower With Our Digital Library of Resources

Our maternal mental health experts have created a library of short videos that help you manage overwhelming emotions and build coping skills.

Visit the digital library where you can access videos that share grounding and breathing techniques to manage anxiety and stress and find other learning resources to help you manage depression and motherhood!

The Previa Alliance Digital Platform Provides:

Digital health therapy

Helpful videos and print resources

Connection to maternal mental health providers

Notifications for new screenings, personalized score reports, score history

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