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Helpful information for moms, her support team, and healthcare providers

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This website is full of resources to help new parents. There is also a toll-free telephone number anyone can call to get basic information, support, and resources in English or Spanish. This HelpLine is not for emergencies. 

This service connects individuals with counselors for emotional support and other services via web chat. It is available 24/7.

This parenting blog is provided by the experts at WebMD. Parents share their hard-earned lessons and favorite tips about the first few weeks of new parenthood. 

The Hear Her Concerns site is a campaign developed by the CDC to inform people of pregnancy-related complications. There is information for pregnant and postpartum women as well as their family members and healthcare providers. 

Meet The Team

When creating Previa Alliance, we wanted to ensure moms had the resources needed during their pregnancy and postpartum journeys. We enlisted the help of several talented women who work with and support moms and moms-to-be every day. Take a moment to meet our fabulous team!

Meet Taylor! Taylor is a licensed marriage and family therapist associate, a certified sex therapist, and a mom to 2 little boys. She helps Previa moms navigate intimacy challenges during pregnancy and postpartum.

Meet Claire! She’s a perinatal psychiatrist providing Previa moms with insightful medical information regarding mood and anxiety disorders. She is also our go-to expert on PMAD medications and treatment.

Meet Valerie! She is your guide to finding resources on our site, making sure you have the support you need, and answering questions about our services, including how to connect with a counselor!

Meet Tara! She is one of our licensed clinical social workers (and a mom!) who works with Previa moms to address their feelings of anxiety, worry, depression, or general concerns related to pregnancy and postpartum.

Meet Jodi! She’s a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in NICU support services. She helps Previa moms understand what to expect should their little one need NICU services.

Meet Carnisha!  She is our resident psychotherapist who is passionate about empower moms and her focuses is geared towards anxiety and depression. Look for her videos in our digital library!

Meet Jenny! Jenny is a nurse, a certified lactation consultant, a birth doula, AND a mom of 3, who will be providing breastfeeding strategies as well as birthing advice.

Meet Whitney! She is our resident maternal mental health expert who has curated a digital library that offers helpful tips, mental health strategies, and more.

Meet Taylor!

Meet Claire!

Meet Valerie!

Meet Tara!

Meet Jodi!


Meet Carnisha!


Meet Jenny!

Previa Alliance Introduction

Meet Whitney!



Over 40 studies assessed the effects of PPD on children of affected mothers, with many demonstrating a negative association with elements of parenting and childhood development. Five studies evaluated the effects of PPD symptoms on partners of affected women. Data shows that partners also experience greater levels of personal stress, anxiety, and depression compared with partners of women without PPD symptoms.

Reserach article summary available here.

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