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Welcome to Previa Alliance!

We are SO happy to partner with you and are eager to tell you about us and how we will work with you.

First, let’s explain how the screenings will work. We will send you regular reminders via text and email to complete your screenings. How often you screen depends on your answers and how far along you are in either your pregnancy or postpartum journey. We ask that you be honest with your answers; there is no judgment here!

The 10 questions take less than 5 minutes to answer, and we ask that you answer based on how you have been feeling the past 7 days. After you finish your questions, you will get a score report that also provides some helpful tips. We will also send you links to helpful videos and podcasts that we believe will help you manage your emotions or address some concerns along the way.

Next up, there’s the digital library. Yep, we created videos and podcasts to help prepare you for pregnancy and the first full year after delivery. We talk about it all: anxiety, baby registries, birth planning, postpartum depression, scary thoughts, feeling overwhelmed, and so much more. We know from both our experience and years of research that the best way to be prepared is to be aware and we are here to do that with you.

Finally, let’s talk about therapy and support. We have a team of women therapists who specialize in helping pregnant and postpartum women. If at any point you would like to learn how to connect with them for counseling (in person or virtually), you can send us an email at, or respond to any text we send you with the word Support.

At Previa Alliance, your mental health matters and we are here to cheer you on.

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Here for you,

The Previa Alliance Team

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