What to Do in a Crisis

It’s important to recognize the signs of a mental health crisis as well as how to get care when you need it. Previa Alliance is always here to support you, but this is NOT a crisis service. If you are in a crisis, please go to your closest ER or call/text 988.

If there is a change in your pregnancy, such as a miscarriage or loss, our staff can help put you in contact with a therapist to help you and your family. We also have other resources that can help bolster your mental health, too. You can let us know of this event by updating your profile or clicking on the icon on your [previa_hash_url label=”dashboard”]https://previaalliance.com/dashboard/[/previa_hash_url]. You can also email us directly at support@previaalliance.com. We know unexpected things happen and we want to best support you where you are at.

Here for you,

The Previa Alliance Team