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Hopefully, you’ve met Whitney, our lead maternal mental therapist. Do you know that she answers questions from users and social media followers on the podcast? Have some questions you don’t know who else to ask?? Those are the ones Whitney LOVES to answer.

If you have a “Hey Whitney” question, please send it in. Log into your dashboard and just click the Submit a Question to Hey Whitney icon next to the videos.

You’ll also want to check out Jenny’s videos. Jenny is a registered nurse, a birth doula, and a certified lactation specialist. Her videos cover everything from birth planning, swaddling, breast pumps, and latching.

We also have new videos and podcasts being created every month. Want to learn how to prepare your pelvic floor for delivery? We’ve got you covered. Planning a C-section or do you wonder about what happens if your baby has to be in NICU? You can find information in the Digital Library or on a podcast. We’ll send you links to some helpful videos, but you can browse our selection at any time to find the information you need.

Finally, make sure to follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. We share peeks into the craziness that is our own home life as well as other suggestions to handle the chaos of motherhood.

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