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Mr. Porter’s expertise includes over a decade of academic and professional work in quantitative analytics and policy research, including 8 years of professional experience in strategic planning, forecasting, reporting, policy development and budget oversight in the health care industry.

Mr. Porter has provided direct support to the Rhode Island Office of Health & Human Services since 2014. where he directly advises the Medicaid Director on the fiscal position of the State’s Medicaid program. Mr. Porter’s complement of technical proficiency with Oracle databases has allowed him to extend the ability of his analytic team to greatly increase the efficiency with which it responds to the varied reporting and analytic requests from the State’s numerous Medicaid stakeholders. Outside of Rhode Island, Mr. Porter is retained as a consultant to a for-profit health system where he is actively engaged to provide analytic support, lead the development of client-focused reports, and advise on a comprehensive quality assessment of the client’s data warehouse and reporting environments with the aim of supporting and extending the client’s internal staff capabilities.

Among his recent achievements, Mr. Porter: redesigned the reporting and underlying methodology of Rhode Island’s Medicaid caseload (utilization and enrollment) in support of his public testifying to the State’s $2.2 billion medical benefits; oversaw the rate setting process for nearly $1.75 billion in managed care products that had among lowest year-over-year trends in the nation; established the policies and procedures for capturing additional federal financial participation that saves Rhode Island taxpayers $10s of millions each year.

Mr. Porter earned his PhD in Political Science (American Politics) with a minor in Quantitative Methods from Columbia University in May 2014. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from Yale College and his M.A. in Political Science from Columbia University.

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